Everyone has a role to play

Understand your health and safety role, and the role of your employer and supervisor.

  • What is my health and safety role?

    • Knowing and following the health and safety requirements at work
    • Asking for training and clarification if you don’t know how to do something safely
    • Working safely and encouraging your co-workers to do the same
    • Correcting or reporting any unsafe conditions on the jobsite — spills, loose cords, etc.
    • Immediately reporting any injury to a first aid attendant or supervisor
  • What is my employer’s role?

    • Providing a safe and healthy workplace
    • Ensuring that you and your co-workers have received adequate training to work safely and keeping records of your training
    • Having an occupational health and safety program in place, including a written health and safety policy and an incident investigation procedure
    • Supporting all workers in health and safety activities
    • Taking immediate action when a hazard is reported
    • Reporting serious incidents to WorkSafeBC
    • Providing first aid facilities and services
    • Providing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) where required
  • What is my supervisor’s role?

    • Instructing you and your co-workers in safe work procedures
    • Training you for all assigned tasks and making sure you’re working safely
    • Making sure that tools and/or hazardous chemicals are only used by authorized, trained employees
    • Ensuring that equipment and materials are safely handled, stored, and maintained
    • Correcting unsafe acts and conditions
    • Enforcing all health and safety requirements
    • Developing health and safety rules and inspecting the workplace for hazards
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