Talk about safety

Speaking up shows that you respect your work, so always ask if you’re not clear about how to do something safely.

  • What health and safety questions should I ask at my interview

    • What safety training and orientation will I get before I start work?
    • What safety hazards does the job involve? i.e., hot oil, high noise levels, moving equipment, etc.
    • Will I be trained in how to prevent injuries?
    • What are my health and safety responsibilities?
    • Is there a safety committee? How can I learn more or be a part of it?
    • What’s the procedure if I’m injured at work?
  • How do I speak to my manager if I have a health and safety concern?

    Even experienced workers can have trouble speaking up about safety, but your manager/supervisor wants you to be safe and injury free, and will respect you for asking.

    Approach your boss respectfully, speak confidently, and listen carefully to the answer. Say something like:

    • I really like…. doing this job, working with this equipment….but there is a lot to learn, can you spare a few minutes to go over it again?
    • I think I’ve got the hang of this but can you watch me to make sure I’m not missing anything?
    • I’m still not comfortable with this, can you explain it again?
    • If I get hurt at work, what should I do?